The INSERTABLE gasket design eliminates misalignment on installation, reduces inventory and virtually eliminates the chance of incorrect gasket selection. As a direct replacement for Spiral Wound and Cut Sheet Gaskets, INSERTABLE gaskets are a low cost, volume quantity alternative to our SELF LOCATOR that will satisfy 80% of your flange pressure class requirements. Use this gasket for 150# AND 300# standard ANSI flanges. The most important feature of the gasket is the high unit load generated by the narrow sealing area provides a considerably higher flange clamping pressure and a better seal at a lower clamping force.



 Ability to cope against severe thermal cycling and vibration.
 Inherent Live Loading capability.
 Fire, Blow Out, and Leak proof.
 Superior pressure handling.
 Protects against use of wrong gasket.
 Lowers total sealing costs.
 Cannot be over compressed.
 No need to re-torque.
 Eliminates fugitive emissions.
 US Navy approved.
 ANSI sizes available.


Sizes: ½, ¾, 1, 1¼, 1½, 2, 2½, 3, 3½, 4
Flange Pressure Class: 150# to 300# Thickness: 1/16" (1.6mm)
Torque Values: 50% to 65% of Bolt Yield Flange Surface Finish: 10 to 400 µin RMS (microinches)
Sealing elements width: ≥1½ (gasket size) 0.125" each side. Sealing elements width: ½ to 1¼ (gasket size) 0.100" each side.
Minimal sealing element web width: 0.670"
"M" and "Y" values: m = 2.85, Y = 2900 psi Leak Rate: < 10ppm @ He
Temperature Range: -200°C cryogenic air +500°C in regular atmosphere +650°C in steam +1000°C reducing or inert media
Pressure Range: Full vacuum to +5000 psi
Minimum Seating Stress: 2900 psi (20 MPa)
Maximum Seating Stress: 23,200 psi (160 MPa) (testing equipment limit)
Recommended Seating Stress: 5800 to 8700 psi (40 to 60 MPa)
Standards Available: ANSI 16.5


304 Stainless Steel 37


Flexible Graphite